Tissot PR100 – T101.410.11.051.00: Classic Styled Watches That Adds Richness And Elegance


Tissot PR100 – T101.410.11.051.00

Tissot watches have been in market since 1853 and the favourite among users all these years. It has evolved as the best in market and has always been popular as the most innovative watch brands. Also, Tissot watches are popular for its make and been experimental in both sports and classic styles.

Yet another reason for popularity and continued usage of Tissot watches among its users is due to its affordability and making it available for everyone. From normal model of Tissot to high end models, you can find your best choice of watch with Tissot.

Brand Overview

Tissot boasts of having one of the largest spectrums of watches in the market today. It features different styles of watches and is store to classic styled and sports model watches that are stylish and affordable. The brand is innovative and experiments with its design, features, and usage while making it affordable. It can indeed be qualified as one of the best Swiss timepieces that is currently available.

Tissot PR100 – T101.410.11.051.00

Tissot PR100 is a classic design watch and is best suited to wear for any occasion or even for daily use. It feature simple design and carries elegance on its own. It is rich in its own way and adds richness to the user while showing it off as a symbol of luxury and quality.



Key Specification of Tissot PR 100 – T101.410.11.051.00

It is an original Swiss made model and comes in a round shape dial. While the strap is available in grey stainless strap, the dial colour is black making it attractive. The black dial adds elegance and matches it to your skin irrespective of your skin tone. It is best suited for gents and is made of 316L stainless steel case model. The movement is Swiss quartz and comes as the classic collection model in the Tissot family.

This Tissot PR 100 – T101.410.11.051.00 is water resistant and can handle pressure up to 10 bars, now that is 100m or 330ft in water level. Now, the added advantage of Tissot PR 100 – T101.410.11.051.00 is that it is scratch resistant and now you can be rest assured of your crystal getting damaged at any point of time.

Enjoy flaunting your Tissot with wide variety of collection and you can also buy Tissot watches online through recognized service providers who offer quality service and best deals while buying.

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