Tissot Classic Dream White Watch T033.410.16.013.00 -Review


The Tissot T-Classic collection includes an incredible selection of watches, including some for more than $ 2,000. But the classic dream watch is at the lower end of the Tissot price spectrum and costs around $ 250. This makes it one of the Swiss manufacturer’s cheapest watches. Tissot sells 8 variations of the T-Classic Dream with a variety of box and dial surfaces. The model reviewed here today is a classic silver-and-white design with a brown leather strap; a classic design that aims to never go out of style. The design is outrageously simple and aims to have a wide appeal for those looking for a classic, dependable, everyday dress watch. Okay, so there are many watches out there that fit this description, read on to see if this is right for you.

White dial

The stark white dial of the Classic Dream is a clean, simple affair. The large, easy-to-read Roman black hour markers are broken only by a small date field that replaces half of the “III” mark. The date window, shown in black and white, blends perfectly with the rest of the quadrant and is easy to read. That the classic dream uses a sapphire crystal is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the whole piece. Sure, it’s a quartz watch, but it’s still a rather unusual find at that price and certainly one of the most compelling outlets. The alpha-style hands are finished in silver, matching the finish on the case. Company name and year of foundation (1853: impressive 165 years ago) adorn the upper half of the dial, just below the XII digit.

Simple case

The case of the T-Classic is simple and robust in design. Tissot uses 316L stainless steel for its construction, as a quick Google search tells us that it is a high quality form of ubiquitous metal that is particularly suitable for high temperature applications. (not that many watch owners subject their timepieces to extremely high heat). With a width of 38 millimeters, the case is on the smaller side for watches these days, but it’s a very sensible size that should look good on almost any wrist. It is also thin, only 7.5 millimeters thick. The fixed bezel of the Classic Dream sits at an angle to the sapphire crystal and the clear and simple design matches the look of the dial. A relatively small water-resistance of 30 meters should not bother most buyers, because although it is a versatile watch, it is not the kind of watch that you wear in water sports. “Tissot 1853” is stamped with large letters on the back of the case, a theme that is also repeated on the front of the watch. Of course, the back of the case also makes sure to mention the sapphire crystal material as well as a couple other details about the watch.


ETA Movement

An ETA Swiss quartz is the focus. Although it is not a first-rate move, this should be a high quality and reliable move. As most of you probably already know, quartz movements have the advantage that they are cheaper and more accurate than mechanical movements. Of course, the quartz movement also means that the watch can remain quite thin and is much less complicated and bulky than a mechanical movement. This is a great advantage when it comes to fitting under long sleeves or keeping you from hitting the watch on various things as you go about your day.



The dark brown leather strap is a pretty yet simple design that perfectly matches the aesthetics of the dial and case. A sharp end thread through a typical buckle embossed with “Tissot”, a touch of style for this discreet watch. The 19 mm wide band uses a crocodile pattern and complements the overall style of the watch very well.


Overview of the features of the Tissot T0334101601300 T-Classic Dream white Watch

  • Stainless steel case
  • leather belts
  • Quartz movement
  • 805,112 caliber
  • Sapphire crystal
  • White dial
  • Date display
  • Provision buckle
  • Solid case back
  • 30 M water resistance
  • Approximate diameter of the case: 38 mm
  • Approximate thickness of the case: 7.5 mm

Should you buy it?

Every watch lover should get this Tissot T0334101601300 T-Classic Dream white Watch because it is a magnificent, classic watch inspired by the thoughts of living your dreams. The fine hands of these timepieces contribute generously into its becoming of an icon in the style world and to its everlasting appeal, providing its wearer both sophistication and individuality. Top notch materials ensure it stays the same way even after years of use (also some occasional abuse).


  • Easy to read without reading glasses
  • Rests securely on wrist without rolling around
  • Thin, comfortable band
  • This watch is extremely accurate. Just set the watch correctly and it will never miss telling the right time
  • The battery lasts very long.
  • For a classic watch, the dial size is just right. It is not too big to be showy or catchy.


  • You will notice the hand for seconds reading to be unaligned from the indices. This defect is usually common among quartz watches.



A great way to join the Tissot family of watches for a very reasonable price, this T-Classic T0334101601300 banks on its clean, attractive design and couple standout features. The small case and the simple design allow this watch to have the most modern elements of the day. Therefore, you should not expect this watch to go out of style, it looks good enough to carry the latest trends. As such, this is a great buy for anyone looking for a long-term daily wearer, something you can put on every day for years without having to worry about reliability or being out of fashion.


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